Roton Star Portable EMS Device

ROTON Star Portable EMS Device

Train At Home Or On The Road!

The Roton Star portable electronic muscle stimulation (EMS )device is designed for people who want to live healthier lives and for those who want to look their best.

EMS training is easy, fast, comfortable and sustainable. Training with the Roton Star means efficient, joint-gentle muscle training in just 15 minutes per session! Any time and anywhere.

Are you ready for a workout that leads you uncomplicated to your desired figure, strengthens your muscles and thereby relieves joints and spine? Then the Roton Star is just the right exercise machine for you. Just turn it on and get started.


ROTON Star EMS Features:

  • 2 muscle building programs and 1 cardio program
  • The Roton Star is portable and weighs only 2.5 kg
  • Power connection and integrated rechargeable battery
  • Easily Attractable EMS Suit
  • Available in different sizes, for every body shape

Roton Star Electrode Suit: The Perfect Fit

Roton Star works in combination with a full-body power suit that includes 6 pairs of electrodes. These are moistened before use. Agonist and antagonist are always stimulated simultaneously. The impulse distributes evenly into surrounding muscle structures. The pulse of the arm electrode is felt to the fingertips. The Roton Star is the full-body training device for anytime, anywhere.

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