Loncego EMS Fitness Equipment

Loncego EMS Fitness Equipment

Loncego, the best EMS training system ever created, exclusively at Body InVest!

Looking to buy EMS equipment? Meet the new “must have“ of this year‘s training season – the Loncego Ariculus X8touch. Their most powerful machine yet, combining a stylish cutting-edge modern design with smart detailing. Made in Germany ensures the highest quality of manufacturing. Meet the future of training, simply the best EMS system ever developed.

Sitting atop the dynamic body frame, the state of the art training interface screen allows you to control workout selections via touch screen. Simply drag and drop individual training programs and specific exercises to create a completely unique workout designed exactly for you. Rotary buttons allow full control of the EMS pulse intensity, ensuring a precise selection of exercise levels. Each dial is also equipped with an e-stop mechanism – a quick touch is all it takes to stop any or all pulses.

The machine also comes equipped with a height-adjustable bar for personalized training exercises, a safe and secure base, and an elegant tray for accessories or your mobile phone or eye glasses. We offer you the highest standards of convenience and safety.

Take Advantage Of Our Limited Time Offer:

  • Loncego X8 Touch
  • 2 Vests ( fit various sizes )
  • 5 Undergarments
  • 1 Pump Spray Bottle

NEW $ 24,999 CAD (+HST)

Body InVest Limited Time Offer: $ 19,999 CAD (+HST) Brand New In Box! 20 % Off!

Our Packages are optimally compiled for every need. Whether you want to make your home into your training studio, or as an entrepreneur you want to offer your clients the highest level of service.

Features of the Loncego X8touch

Five-year warranty. Six pre-set training programs. Manual control / individual program compilation. A simultaneous training of eight muscle groups. Removable control unit. User-friendly and easy to use. Compact and sturdy housing. External power supply.

loncego ems device exercise stand

Solid Articulating Stand

High-quality design elements. Handrail adjustment for height and position. Tidy cable routing and special mount for the power supply. Heavy base plate for perfect stability. Adjustable feet for unlevelled surfaces.

ems fitness body suits

Superior Suit Technology

The excellent fit ensures the pulses are fed smoothly to specified muscle groups. Quick and easy to put on. It‘s comfortable and perfect fitting. It’s easy to maintain and it looks good.

loncego portable ems device

Completely Portable

Precision fitted for Loncego’s EMS systems. Durable light-metal fabrication. Designed with two separate compartments. A detachable trolley for easy transportation. Take your workout or rehabilitation on the road with you knowing your EMS machine is protected and secure.

loncego ems device display screen

Drag & Drop Touch Screen

Individual training and exercise programs in a very simple way by drag‘n‘drop features. The control knobs allow for a precise adjustment of the pulse intensity for various groups muscles. It‘s up to you: choose the powerful and strong training mode or the sensitive and relaxing application mode.

EMS Training Equipment Packages

Whether you want EMS fitness training equipment for for working out at home or on the go. Or you want to expand your current personal training practice or gym business. We are the exclusive distributors of Loncego EMS fitness equipment in Canada and we have a package that’s just right for you.

loncego ems machine

HomeLine EMS

The basic package for home and travel. Train at home, the office or on the go with our HomeLine EMS system. Elite athletes can take their EMS training or rehab on the road and never miss a session. The HomeLine comes with our Loncego EMS system with a complete dress and the Loncego FunctionWear. The optional travel case provides protection and portability for people on the go.

loncego ems fitness training group

ProfiLine EMS

The perfect addition to your personal training or rehabilitation business…or build one around this amazing product! Confidently use it on the go with our bomb-proof travel case. The business package comes with an EMS system, two complete training dresses, five sets of FunctionWear and an attractive marketing set.

loncego ems fitness class

StudioLine EMS

The professional Loncego EMS studio distinguishes itself from all its competitors by offering maximum performance, optimum technology, fast results, and individually tailored training. Loncego EMS systems enables you to offer your clients the opportunity to enter into a new era of physical training. It comes with two complete EMS systems with four training dresses, ten sets of FunctionWear and an attractive marketing set.

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Contact Markus for more information and pricing. We offer complete training for using EMS too.

Used EMS Equipment For Sale

We have a selection of used EMS fitness equipment too! All of our used EMS devices have been thoroughly inspected by a certified technician to ensure proper operation and safety.

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