EMS for Injury Recovery

Electronic muscle stimulation is mainly used by people wanting to improve their fitness and body image in an effective, safe, and accelerated way. But there is so much more to this technology. EMS has also been used in physiotherapy for decades, and is now a more important tool than ever in improving mobility and giving people back their strength and muscle control following an accident or illness.

EMS is a perfect tool for aiding recovery following injury to muscles. Not only does it work on regaining muscle strength, but it also helps to repair damaged tissues. For those who have sustained damage to their back and are confined to a bed or wheel chair for months, taking the first steps towards walking again can be a painful, and sometimes impossible task.

Strengthening the back and core after months of being sedentary is a daunting task. EMS can be used to effectively restore these muscles and build up strength with minimal pain and stress to joints. Physiotherapy patients have seen startling results from EMS therapy and the ongoing benefits it provides moving forward.

One of the major benefits to using EMS technology for healing physical injuries is that it doesn’t put any added strain on joints, tendons or ligaments. You can rebuild your muscle strength without causing any unnecessary damage.

In traditional training, muscles are improved using weights meaning that additional weight and stress is also applied to the joints themselves. With EMS training, however, any loading is the artificial result of electric currents passing through the muscles. This means any strain on joints and ligaments is kept to an absolute minimum.

While Body InVest doesn’t offer physiotherapy, we do offer our clients all of the same startling benefits of EMS training. Following an injury, Body InVest can help to rebuild your muscle strength to have you back to your normal fitness level in less time. As with physiotherapy patients, training with EMS in this way improves not just the muscle itself but overall fitness and confidence.