Visionbody Wireless EMS System

Visionbody Wireless EMS Training System

Meet the newest member of the Body InVest family!

Increase your fitness studio’s revenue with a wireless group EMS training system like no other! Get the Visionbody wireless EMS advantage…only at Body InVest Canada!

Offered exclusively in Canada by Body InVest!

We’re offering exclusive, pre-market release pricing to fitness studios that want to increase their business. Financing is available and we’ll even buy back your old XBody EMS equipment to help get you started! Call Markus at  416-616-6214 or email to book a free demonstration at our Toronto EMS fitness studio.

Get Visionbody EMS For Your Fitness Business and Watch It Grow!

Visionbody is a professional EMS training system with intelligence: All of its components are perfectly matched to deliver the most highly efficient functional, full body EMS workout to you and your customers. Set-up is easy: just put on the Visionbody PowerSuit, plug in the box, launch the iPad, select your training program and you’re all set to go! EMS training sessions are shorter in duration, typically 20 minutes. By incorporating Electronic Muscle Stimulation into your fitness business, you can increase your booking capacity and generate more revenue!


Visionbody Wireless EMS Device Features:

  • Wireless Bluetooth  technology allows you to bring your studio to your clients. Anywhere!
  • Visionbody No-Damp, form-fitting PowerSuit looks good and feels great.
  • Train up to 8 people at a time and increase your ROI.
  • iPad integration allows full control over each individual client.
  • Graph performance and remember settings for clients.
  • The finest German quality and construction.
  • Financing available. We’ll even buy back your old XBody equipment!

Discover the Freedom of Bluetooth Wireless EMS Technology

The Visionbody PowerSuit looks great and feels even better! This EMS suit fits like a glove and requires no damping to facilitate the electrodes. You can bet that passers by will want to get a closer look at your group yoga session in the park or your running group on the boardwalk.

Get in early with Body InVest before Visionbody fully hits the Canadian fitness market. Book a demo at our Harbord St EMS fitness studio and get all of the details or give us a call for pricing. We also offer financing! We’re so confident that you will love Visionbody, we’ll even buy back your old XBody equipment to help you get started!


Become A Certified Visionbody Trainer With Body InVest

Once you join the Body InVest family, we’ll provide you with complete training to become a Certified Visionbody Trainer so you are ready to start generating income and training your clients to the highest standard!


Test Drive Visionbody Today! Only At Body InVest

Test drive the Visionbody EMS system today at our Harbord St EMS Studio in Toronto. You won’t be disappointed.

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