Markus Fritzinger

Markus Fritzinger

BIV President & Founder


Markus Fritzinger is the CEO & Founder of Body InVest Toronto. He is known for his ability to shine an effective light on his clients and colleagues. He always finds a way to support growth and success in both work and leisure.

Born and raised in Germany, Markus has traveled throughout Europe extensively. During his travels he made it his lifelong mission to seek out adventure and expand his horizons. He fell in love with Vancouver during his first trip to B.C. in 2003. He found a majestic and enticing combination of beautiful beaches and mountain ranges so he decided to settle down in Vancouver and launched Body InVest.

Never big into lifting weights or spending time in the gym, Markus was always into outdoor activities that he could work up a sweat. He is most passionate about biking, hiking, skiing and feeling at peace in the open air.

Markus pays careful attention to his diet, eating healthy foods the majority of the time. Like anyone he also enjoys the days that he allows himself to indulge, enjoying his red wine or a beer. His favourite dishes are Kaiserschmarren, a special Austrian pancake, and Sauerbraten, a traditional German roast with dumpling.

Markus lives his life on the principles of freedom and happiness, operating on the saying “Frei ist wer will was er muss,” which translates to “You are free if you want to do what you have to do.” He believes strongly in the statement “The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed,” making a point to find time for loved ones as a loving father of two beautiful girls who he holds dear to his heart. Intent on making more time for the most important things in his life,  he uncovered the key to his personal success: EMS Training.